Booking & Management

Every musician, artist or band, needs management. Management that sets goals, takes initiative and pushes talent to the limit with a business-minded approach. Our management solutions do just that, allowing musicians to concentrate on their profession of making music while we take care of the rest. Our management team will tackle day-to-day administrative tasks and lift you and your band to new heights by enhancing public relations efforts, increasing performances and pursuing new business ventures.

Event Production

Dayl’Ayl coordinates and organizes concert tours and special events for exemplary artists/bands wishing to broaden horizons within Armenia and across the Americas and Europe. We work hand-in-hand with both local and international organizations to showcase our artists with utmost professionalism and care. Our team will take care of everything for your upcoming concert/tour, from finding venues and setting dates to filing visa paperwork, negotiating contracts and arranging transportation and other travel logistics, so that you, the artist, can focus on your one and only priority: performing.

Marketing & Public Relations

Building a fan base is easy, but retaining an active following, creating “buzz” and breaking into new markets can be challenging.  Our PR and marketing strategies aim not only to improve visibility, but to engage audiences as well.  We’ll start off by identifying characteristics and selling points unique to you and your band so that we can 1) tailor our strategy to meet specific requests/needs, 2) streamline and professionalize your online presence to maximize outreach and attract new followers and 3) connect you with talent seekers and other collaborative partners to, most importantly, boost business.

Film Music & Soundtrack Production

Music expresses that which cannot be put into words, and our roster of musicians know best. From creating original music for movies, TV shows or theatrical plays, to crafting a musical story to accompany a movie or to represent a company, an individual, a product or service, we can offer you custom-made audio content for all your creations, we’re perfectionists, and we’re here for you.

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